Mestad Camping - in the middle of the fjords and mountains

Mestad camping is a brand new camping site for You who like to have a free and relaxing stay in the western parts of Norway.

The camping site is placed at Mestad in Teigdalen, about 5 km from Evanger (20 km from Voss).
Teigdalen is a wild and beautiful vally with great touring ground and picturesque nature. A river floats through the vally and gives You fantastic possibillities for fishing and swimming. A trip to Bergen, "Hansastaden", will take you about an hour by car. We like to call Bergen the second capital og Norway and is worth a visit.

We are trying to make Mestad camping self serviced,wich we hope will give you competitive prices. At the site you will find electricity for caravans, possibilities to camp with tent and brand new service building with fantastic sanitary installation.
Mestad camping can be self serviced if you show us confidence and honestly during your stay. You will be able to pay at the servicebuilding every evening between 20.00 and 21.00, or put the charge in the money-box.